Which Are the Main Types of Laser Cuts?

August 11, 2021 , Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutting machine is an instrument that cuts metals using laser light. Laser cutting involves heating a piece of metal until it becomes soft then strikes it with laser light. The laser cutting machine can create precise shapes and cuts in almost any metal at high speed and with little effort. Laser cutting machines can achieve greater costs than waterjet and even plasma cutter. However, the initial investment s rate of return might not be enough to make any financial gain. Operating a laser cutting machine needs a professional who has adequate mechanical background due to the wide range of operating parameters included in the process.

Waterjet and plasma cutters are basically two forms of laser cutting. Waterjet uses water jetting method while plasma cutter uses neon gases for its cutting process. Both machines use similar methodologies in cutting different kinds of materials. Water jet machines are more commonly used in the automotive and woodworking industries whereas plasma cutter is mostly used in the electronics, medical, and aerospace industries. These lasers are used for engraving, etching, stamping and many other metal processing operations.

Plasma cutting machine has built-in safety measures. It can generate a plasma beam that is highly useful for cleanly cutting unwanted deposits. This safety measure prevents the users from the harmful effects of ionic spray, carbon dioxide or gaseous emissions during the process.

Waterjet is often used to cut soft metals like aluminum, brass, nickel alloys and stainless steel. It can also be used to cut hard metal like tin, copper, lead and zinc. This kind of laser cutting machine produces a smooth and rounded surface finish. It generates higher quality finishes compared to plasma cutting machine. The diamond-tipped bits produced by waterjet are more difficult to remove than those produced by plasma.

Carbon fiber and poly carbonate are two of the popular materials for laser cutting machine. They are very tough and resistant to wear and tear. They are also ideal for cutting holes and channels in heavy duty equipment. Poly carbonate is often used for bumpers and mounting in aircraft structure. This material is also ideal for making tanks and parts of ships out of aluminum.

Yag laser cutting machine produces a nice fillet-like finish. It can be used for most cutting purposes. It mainly uses carbon-fiber composite material in its motor to produce the desired outcome. A yag machine produces a perfectly flat, smooth and rounded surface. This material is most commonly used in gas turbines and bladed shafts.